BITOR is..

BITOR is the most practical coin.


BITOR is the most practical coin.

BITOR is a practical cryptocurrency. There are already a lot of cryptocurrencies, but it's not practical just to have a technical advantage. Many cryptocurrencies have these problems. BITOR has already established a number of affiliate stores so that investors can use them immediately. Our BITOR presents a very easy but practical coin to the public, rather than explaining difficult technology.


BITOR is a practical blockchain coin that can be used instantly unlike other coins. Furthermore, unlike most ERC20 coins, it is a bit coin-based coin and is very secure.


Beautiful, functional and nearly ready to launch


Mobile page

BITOR supports seamless mobile pages,making it easy for investors to access.


Investment security

Investors can receive as much actual service as they have invested, so there is no risk of losing their investment.


Prevent Coin Hacking

BITOR employs a unique anti-hacking system to safely keep investors' money and coins.



After the coin sale, BITOR will be listed on three exchanges to commence full-scale listing business.


Support for other function services

We will provide a variety of services for the smooth service of BITOR.


Actually available

BITOR can be used immediately after the investment.




Our special way

BITOR Road Map

Early July 2019

New reorganization

Mid-July 2019

First Exchange Listed

End of July 2019

Listed on 2nd and 3rd exchanges

End of July 2019

Participated in a big event related to travel at the end of July, 2019

September 2019

Listed on the world's highest class exchange

Despite its many doubters and doomsayers, the crypto market has continued to plug along and thrive. Although prices have fluctuated wildly—and in some cases enormously to the downside—the sector is finally starting to stabilize and increasingly appears to be leaving its infancy behind.

As more companies discover uses for crypto and blockchain, and more users accept them as a way to simplify their lives, they will remain a central point of conversation in technology. More interestingly, as it better demonstrates its value in a variety of situations—from banking to buying coffee—the technology will further ingrain itself. Coins may come and go, and many cryptocurrencies are indeed likely to fail, but the sector will continue to forge ahead unabated.